Cloud Services

The way we are all working is changing fast! More and more, RnD is helping our clients to improve productivity, reduce costs, streamline, and simplify their IT systems and infrastructure by moving them to cloud based IT solutions.

Done correctly, Cloud solutions can provide highly secure and flexible access to all key business applications and data from any location and at any time.

Using solutions like Microsoft Office 365, Users can collaborate remotely like never before by leveraging applications like Microsoft Outlook, Teams and SharePoint.

Even users who work with large data files, graphics or video, can utilise Hybrid cloud solutions like Egnyte to provide Cloud and on-premises copies of data which synchronise in real-time to provide local storage performance with cloud flexibility.

All solutions RnD recommend feature Integrated Multi-factor authentication and full data encryption so you can have complete confidence that your data, and your client’s data are kept safe secure in the cloud.

Another key benefit of Cloud computing is that Business continuity and disaster recovery requirements can be addressed as part of the solution with little additional costs.

No two businesses are the same, so let RnD work with you to tailor the right cloud solutions for your own unique business needs.