Email Security

RnD’s Email Security is a service that filters all your inbound and outbound Internet email). It scans inbound email before it reaches your network and filters out unwanted messages based on a policy defined. Typically the service is used to filter out email containing viruses and spam, although it is also able to block other types of content, such as messages with movie or executable file attachments and messages containing obscene or other inappropriate words or phrases.

RnD’s email filtering service will provide you with secure mail delivery. whether it be ransomware, phishing, spear phishing, spoofing or whaling. We have the know how to ensure the right solution fits your business need.

Web security

Web filtering is a technology that stops users from viewing certain URLs or websites by preventing their browsers from loading pages from these sites.

In general, Web filters work in two distinct ways. They can block content as determined by quality of the site, by consulting known lists which document and categorize popular pages across all genres of content. Or, they can evaluate the content of the page live and block it accordingly. Many Web filter tools work off of a constantly updated URL database that shows which websites and domains are associated with hosting malware, phishing, viruses or other tools for harmful activities.

At RnD we work with some of the industry’s most effective, continually up-to-date web filtering solutions. Our preferred URL Filtering collects and analyses up to 5 billion incidents every day (from over 155 countries), producing updated threat analytics for up to 3.2 updates per second.

The URL Filtering blocks web threats to reduce malware infections, decrease help desk incidents and provide relief to valuable IT resources. The URL Filtering is an easy-to-deploy, transparent filter and security solution that avoids the complexity of a proxy gateway. It’s equipped with more than 120 security and web filtering categories, hundreds of web application and protocol controls, and 60-plus reports with customization and role-based access.

For anyone concerned with using the internet safely, web filtering can be an excellent tool to help prevent attacks or loss of security. Monitoring and filtering what employees share helps actively enforce IT policies as well prevent data leakage. Web filters can prevent users from accessing sites that execute malicious code on the user’s computer. Even on a small level, web filtering allows companies to block web sites that don’t support an effective workday, as well as not fitting the requirements of their security policies.