Data Loss Prevention

Does your busines deals with data which is considered sensitive? Personal information about customers and employees, financial data, or intellectual property? If so they the protection of this data is or paramount importance and you should be considering a DLP solution.

DLP solutions leverage user-driven classification, content inspection techniques and contextual analysis to identify sensitive content and analyse the actions related to the use of that content. They then monitor data activity and evaluate the appropriateness of attempted actions against a predefined DLP policy that details the acceptable use, under specific contexts, for specific content types or classifications.

RnD work with our long-standing product partners including Microsoft and Forcepoint to deliver industry leading Enterprise and Integrated DLP solutions.

  • Enterprise DLP solutions offer centralized policy management and reporting functionality to define, disseminate and monitor DLP policies across one or more deployment scenarios, such as endpoint, network, discovery and cloud, and to implement controls. Enterprise DLP solutions provide a broad and very flexible deployment solution set that is applicable to many diverse use cases including regulatory compliance, internal policy compliance and intellectual property protection.
  • Integrated DLP solutions are natively integrated within an appliance or service, such as a secure email or web gateway or an endpoint protection product. They typically have limited policy and reporting capabilities and are focused on the management of the DLP functionality within its single environment or use case. Integrated DLP deployments typically focus on regulatory compliance use cases.

RnD can help your business define its DLP requirements and design and implement the right solution to protect your data and your business.