Project Management

Our Project Managers provide the expertise, guidance, and oversight that organisations need to ensure the success of their projects. Since 1998, we have helped hundreds of companies across Advertising, consumer goods, government, manufacturing, financial services, Accounting, and more plan and execute their critical IT projects.

Leveraging this experience, we bring tremendous industry, product, and methodology knowledge to our clients’ projects. We know the right actions to take when something does not go as expected.


Our Project Managers assist companies in many ways including:

  • Planning and defining scope
  • Providing team leadership and mentorship
  • Assigning and coordinating the right resources, when and where they’re needed
  • Working with vendors to ensure they deliver what is needed, as expected
  • Identifying opportunities to gain efficiencies and streamline processes
  • Managing risks and responding to issues
  • Coordinating projects/tasks and interdependencies
  • Aligning deliverables with desired business outcomes
  • Ensuring and controlling quality of deliverables
  • Monitoring and reporting progress
  • Ensuring milestones and goals are achieved on-time and within the budget


We do not just create a plan and walk away, and we do much more than create templates and status reports.  As an advisor and partner, we are committed to helping execute the plan from start to finish and reaching goals as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Our Project Managers help to plan, coordinate, oversee and manage individual projects.  They become an extension of your team, ensuring the right resources are in place when needed, milestones are achieved, deadlines are being met, and that the project will be delivered with an agreed-to timeline and budget.

Many of our Project Managers have a minimum of 20 years of IT knowledge and implementation experience across industries. They have worked on distributed, global teams on complex IT projects.